A study published in Lancet a prestigious medical journal suggest that 15mins of exercise is all any one needs per day. The goal of publishing this study is to show people that one doesn't have to spend hour upon hour in the gym to achieve results. While this may be a great motivator to get sedentary people up and moving it is not a complete truth. Yes 15mins can be enough time to get in a really great workout, but the miss understood part is this is not just 15mins of a steady pace walk. This 15mins you do everyday must be high-intensity which follows the inverse relationship that exist between duration and intensity. So although 15mins may be enough for most starting off they cannot hold a high enough intensity level to achieve any real benefits for those 15mins of exercise.

Also 15mins is not enough time to perform a complete comprehensive training session including a dynamic warm-up some form of strength training followed by core focused work, cardiovascular activity, and a 5 to 10min cool down. The simple fact of the matter is that 
for one to achieve their desired level of health or fitness they must make a commitment. Their workouts must be made a priority. I do this by blocking out an hour out of each day I am planning to workout for that week where nothing else is scheduled nor can be scheduled. 

So remember if you only do 15mins it needs to be 15 intense minutes. Make workouts a priority plan and prepare for them.

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