To many times in the health and fitness industry there is so much time spent debating and answer the question "what is the best exercise or workout method I can do". When the truth is there is not and will never be one best workout or exercise. The best approach comes from taking what works and throwing  out what doesn't. To many times you here people talk about the principle of individuality. Yes this is a very important principle and should be given much thought to but only with in the already existing laws of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. There are certain basic principles of training that every method should involve and there are also certain basic actions that should never be involved in a training method. One must keep an open mind to all methods and sort through each one to determine which is applicable and practical. The best training method is the one that produces results for the given time allotted. So next time you here of a new training method don't degrade it because you believe what you are doing is the one and only way. Try this new method engage in it test and then conclude for yourself if it is worth adding to your arsenal of training or if its not worth the time. Rememeber open this field is ever evolving and adapting like you so you must continue to increase your knowledge and understanding.

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