Just finished up my training session for the day. It was epic! The gym was almost empty I got every piece of equipment I wanted to use and as much floor space as I needed, which is rare because floor space is a commodity in a commercial gym. But today was lower body except my calves atleast I didn't single them out with in any exercise because I am experimenting with the frequency with which I train them. Here's a copy of the workout.

Dynamic Warm:
-Shin Grabx10yds
-Walking Quadx10yds
-Russian Walkx10yds
-Glute to Hamstring Stretchx10yds
-Lunge Elbow to Ankle to Hip Liftx10yds
-A-Skips for ground contactsx10yds
-A-Skips for heightx10yds
Lower Body Resistance Training
-Front Squatx3setsx9-11reps
-Leg Extensionx3setsx9-11reps
-Romanian Deadlift with bandsx4setsx9-11reps
-Seated Leg Curlx3setsx9-11reps
Core Stability:
-Farmers Walkx50ydsx2sets
-Supine Weighted Bridgex8repsx2sets
-Reverse Crunchx1minx2sets
-Cable Oblique Twistx10repsx2sets
Cool Down/Static Stretching
-Foam Roller Seriesx12reps a piece
-Hamstring Stretchx20sec
-Quad Stretchx20sec
-Groin Stretchx20sec
-Hip Flexor Stretchx20sec

The last set of every resistance exercise was preformed with a dropset of 20% of the initial weight. I am currently working with alot more volume then normal and keeping the rest periods to 60sec or less between sets. This entire workout took me 68mins. You can achieve great results with a lot less volume and a lot less time then an hour and 8mins the mistake most people make when it comes to time spent in the time is that they are to lax about what they are doing. Come into the gym with a plan and have a sense of urgency about getting it done watch your rest time and maintain pace don't slow down as you go. Get In Get 
I have been meaning to post this video for some time, but hadn't gotten the time to do it yet. This video is so funny especially if you are in trainer-client relationship. This is all in good fun too we trainers do not see all of our clients as big jokes. We take what we do and how hard you work very serious, but sometimes you just can't help it. Besides whats the point of living if you can't laugh every once in a while. Anyways watch the video I think you will get a couple of laughs out of it.
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Not very many people are ever coache properly on how to perform the higher level presses such as a bench press and the overhead press. Most learn these movements from shear observation then duplicate the observed exercise. This is very common because there is a very high probability that if a new gym goer walks into their gym for the first time there will be one guy performing a bench press and another fellow performing some type of overhead press variation.

Observation is a great tool and the ability to be able to replicate movement from observation is awesome it makes learning new exercises a lot easier because sometimes it is just hard to find words to describe the all the movements that take place in one exercise. But the two downsides to learning exercises in this manner is one you have no way of insuring that the person you are observing has any knowledge regarding basic exercise fundamentals or form which means if the person is performing an exercise with terrible form that form is going to be passed along to you (this is why whenever I workout at my gym I try to stay as strict as I can with my own form because you never know who you might be influencing). Second, because you are not learning the exercise from a knowledgable coach or trainer you do not receive any of the intricate cues or subtleties regarding proper execution of the motion. I use the overhead press and bench press as examples because they are probably the two exercises most commonly performed in a routine, but yet I would guess more than half of the people performing them have never been formally coached how to properly execute the motion.

My reason for addressing this issue is I found two very interesting videos that allow one to see how much difference the simplest adjustment and cues from a knowledgable coach can change the entire exercise in regards to the risk versus reward from the exercise. These videos demonstrate an overhead press specifically, but the technique we describe goes hand in hand with most any pressing motion.

When I coach my clients to perform a press the first cue I give them is to pull their shoulders down away from their ears this depresses the scapula and I then cue them to retract the scapula or squeeze their shoulder blades together this is what we as trainers refer to as packing the shoulder it insures that the shoulder remains stable and cohesive throughout the exercise. But I had no idea what an impact these simple cues have on the biomechanics of the actual shoulder and how much easier these cues make the movement on your shoulder joint check out the videos below to see the difference in the movement of your shoulders when you pack the shoulder and when you don't.

Here is the shoulder joint's traction when the shoulder is not packed meaning the scapula has not been depressed or retracted you'll notice that the head of the humerous, the end of the clavicle bone, and the glenoid fossa all colide into one another at the top part of the range of motion as well as compress the AC joint.
Here is the shoulder joint's traction when the shoulder has been packed that is the scapula was depressed and retracted. You will notice that the humerous, clavicle, and glenoid fossa do not colide like in the video before nor does the AC joint become severely compacted.
I love training! I love training committed, driven individuals even more! Over my short time training a wide variety of clients from all walks of life with all kinds of goals, I have slowly started to compile a list of characteristics that separate the successful clients from the unsuccessful in regards to obtaining their goals. Over the past week I have spent a lot of time contemplating which of these characteristics I value most in a client and which ones predict the greatest amount of success. My conclusion is that if a client shows up to a session with a sense of urgency and has the ability to listen to coaching and make corrections on the fly they will be extremely successful.

Some might be wondering what I mean by sense of urgency and whenever someone asks me this question I find it hard to describe to someone who doesn't have it themselves. But to explain it in the simplest words I would describe it as knowing that you have a goal to achieve and you understand that there is work to be done to achieve that goal and everything else around you fades away except that one focus. This kind of attitude coupled with an ability to be coachable makes for a successful client because the ability to be coachable transfers into perfect form when performing all exercises and the sense of urgency insures that the client will get work done while in the gym 
Well the holiday season has finally come and gone which means that most of us will be heading back to our offices, classrooms, and places of business till sometime in march when springbreak rolls around. I am big believer in the philosophy that if you are good person, you work extremely hard for what you want, and do good things then everything else in life will take care of itself. I think to refer to this state of being as the grind. I know the overwhelming majority of individuals out their heading back to work today are feeling a sense of dread, but wait think again. Today is a day for opportunity, a day for enthusiasm!

Turn today into a positive moment in saying yes I am glad to get to go back to work. I am glad that I get to work for my living. Take pride and enjoyment from the grind. There is nothing better than putting in a 15hour day coming home and taking a load off you feel accomplished and deserving of it, so push yourself at work, at the gym, and at home because while you may be tired today and tomorrow there will always be time given to rest for those that deserve it.

Take enjoyment in the grind let it be an opportunity to demonstrate your physical and mental toughness and determination