I cannot believe how many times I have a client tell me they just want to lose weight in there mid section, but leave the rest the same. This CANNOT BE DONE! There is a popular myth circulating through the gym ranks that an individual can specifically reduce a part of their body without affecting the rest. This is let me say again impossible. Weight-loss is global. When you lose it you lose it everywhere!
Today's training session was a recovery/regeneration day. For me this is code for working on everything I can't fit in on my three lift days. Which varies from week to week depending on time. But for most recovery days I do some form of a dynamic warm-up followed by a complex working all the basic lifts with very light weight. I then move into some form of energy system development its typically a form of interval training with heart rate recovery followed by core stability, prehabilition work, finishing with foam rolling and static stretching. Heres today's workout below:

Dynamic Warm-Up
-shin grabs x 10yds
-walking quad x 10yds
-Russian Walk x 10yds
-Glute to Hamstring x 10yds
-Lunge/Ankle to Instep/Hip Lift x 10yds
-A-Skips: Ground Contact;Height;Leg Drive x 10yds
-Butt Kicks x 10yds
-High Knees x 10yds
Barbell Complex
-Overhead Squat x 8reps
-Back Squat x 8reps
-Good Mornings x 8reps
-Row x 8reps
-Deadlift x 8reps
*these are done all with a barbell one after the other without letting go of the barbell cycled thru three rounds
-Treadmill Sprints @9.0mph@10incline
Core Stability
-Turkish Get-Up x 4reps x 1set w/25lb kettlebell
-Farmer's Walk x 40yds w/80lbs x 2sets
-Waiter Carries x 20yds each arm w/35lbs x 2sets
-Turkish Get-Up x 4reps x 1set w/15lb kettelbell
-Lying One-Arm T's x 12reps w/2.5lbs
-Lying One-Arm W's x 12reps w/2.5lbs
-Lying One-Arm y's x 12reps w/2.5lbs
-Med-Ball ABC's x 1set each hand
-Internal Rotation x 12reps w/band
-Band Pull Apart x 12reps w/band
-Foam Roller Series

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