This is by far one of my most basic principles when planning my own workout as well as programming for my clients. Simple is better. Over-complication is one of the biggest problems plaguing the current fitness scene. We have flooded the market with so many ideas, gimmicks, and schemes that people are trying to incorporate way to much into their routines. Stick with the staples lifts that target all the basic movements of the human body. If you are wondering if you should do hack squat, leg press, front squat, one-legged squat, bulgarian split squat, and back squat all mixed in to your program my advice is they are all squats so just do squats. SImplicity is often the best answer.
Hey everybody it's been a while since my last blog lot's to discuss, but I will parcel it out over the next few weeks. Wanted to give a little overview of my workout while visting family in Olathe, Kansas. I do this so everyone can understand that working out while on the road is possible it just takes a will to do it. My first step when deciding on my workout plan while I am gone is first of all establishing my training environment. What I mean by this is figuring out if you will have access to a gym or if you are going to need to improvise a gym either in your hotel room or in your families basement or backyard. For me I like to find a gym close by just so I can compare where I train my clients at to what other gyms have available its refreshing and always leads to some kind of innovation. But once your training site is established you must determine what time of day is going to be best to fit your workout in as well as how long you have to exercise for. I like to do my workouts in the early am to get them out of the way and prevent any scheduled events for that day limiting my ability to get the workout in. I also usually try to give myself about an hours length of time of actual working out. Once you have all these factors finalized you can then begin to design your workout based on the time you have allotted and the equipment you have available. I know what your thinking always easier said then done, but I am willing to guarantee if you plan this all out ahead of time you will more than likely get your workout in and insure it is a product session. If you would like help with designing or creating a travel workout please contact me at including your time available to train and the equipment you will have access to and I will be sure to give you an example workout that will both metabolically disturbed you and increase anabolic processes. Reminder preparation is key to success