A study shows that Coffee is the number one source of Americans daily intake of antioxidants so I recommend that you drink four cups of coffee a day, but be sure to to hold the creamer and sugar to a minimum. Try substituting a honey for your sugar and skim milk for your creamer.
Everyday should start off with a good breakfast consisting of whole foods rich in nutrients. This practice will help kick start your metabolism every morning after a long nights fast. As well as set you energy levels to high to help optimize your efficiency and mood throughout your day.
This is by far one of my favorite lifts, but it can be quite difficult sometimes to coach up a new client on how to properly perform it. Eventually it seems with enough repetition they finally feel there way through with a hundred different coaching quenes from me. This is such a great exercise and offers a number of great benefits. Here is a video and blog from Tony Gentllcore who is a CSCS through NSCA here he talks about the one leg RDL and hope to properly perform along with a great video demonstrating it in almost perfect form. So checkout this link and add this incredible arsenal to your bag of tricks.
My training today consisted of all back exercises used will high volume reps and set schemes. Nothing more important for postural balance than a strong back. Who else trained today and how did it go? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post!
I am seeing a lack of stretching after individuals finish there workouts (warm-ups as well but Ill save that for another post) Please if there is one thing you can add to your workout please add 5 to 10mins of static stretching at the conclusion of the session
Attitude determines altitude. I know it sounds cheesy, but its the truth you get out of it what you put into it!
Check out the latest addition to the vast amount of information located here at intellectualfitness on the strength training page titled The Reverse-Grip Bench Press: the Exercise You Don't Know Enough About
So I have a few ideas on the newest article to add to the site, but I would like to know which you would like to hear about. So leave me a comment with your choice. Here are my ideas

Reverse-Grip Bench Press: The Lift You Don't Know Enough About
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Protein Powders: What to Use and When to Use it.
I originally saw this video on Alwyn Cosgrove's website and if you haven't checked out his website it is a must do for anyone looking for sound information on health and wellness Mr. Cosgrove is a well respected strength and conditioning professional. I am not saying Will Smith is a great philosopher, but he has made a few statements that I one hundred percent agree with and I think that they can apply to any one in any situation so give this video and a listen and enjoy.
A new study shows that thinking that you are eating more calories than what you really are may lead to greater weight-loss! Check it out here!