Anytime you feel like making excuses in 2012 take a peak at this video then think again!
Wow! Another year has finally flown by, I still can't believe it as I write this blog while we approach the new year. The turning of the year is always a bittersweet moment for me because it represents the passing of another year off my life and more time taken from what I have left to achieve my goals in, but this bitterness is always outweighed by the joy I feel and excitement I experience regarding the possibilities to come in 2012. I want to encourage you to focus on this excitement, think of the new year as a great opportunity for a clean slate and approach it with all enthusiasm you have. 

Set goals that will keep you accountable and motivated. Don't limit yourself shoot for the moon and the sky is the limit. The more goals you set the more opportunities you create for success. I wish all of you out there a happy new year and I look forward to another year of providing sound, practical, and purposeful information about health and fitness for free to all those that desire more knowledge. Please leave a comment on this post informing me of issues, ideas, or concepts you would like to see explored deeper.
My second holiday eating tip is another tried and true method for maintaining your level of fitness and physique during the holiday season. Drop carbohydrates prior to your planned feast. This is a great way to insure any carbohydrates consumed in excess are not stored and later converted to excess body fat. To implement this practice successfully let me give you an example of my own schedule. I have a christmas dinner planned for christmas evening that is sunday evening so starting the prior monday I drastically slash the amount of carbohydrates I consume some where in the area of 0.5 grams per pound of body weight this I do from monday to wednesday. Starting thursday I slash the carbohydrate intake even more to about 0.25 grams per pound of bodyweight until sunday. This insures that I will actually need the feast I will be gorging on sunday evening to prevent my metabolism from dropping too low and remaining in this stalled manner with this method you will actually turn an unhealthy dinner into a fat-burning enhancement.
Here we are in our post-thanksgiving state and getting ready to head into christmas. The season is heating up and as it does I begin to see more and more diet destroying foods emerging from the shadows. In addition to these developments I begin to receive a ton of questions from clients regarding holiday eating. These questions range in topics, but for the most part people are looking for strategies that will help keep them on track and moving forward with their goals as well as avoiding derailment during this very temptation filled time of year. Due to these challenges and questions I thought it was only appropriate for me to offer my readers and clients a few helpful tips that will help guide you through the holidays and steer clear of any pitfalls. All of these tips I personally practice and are tried and true. They are all practical and when put into practice will yield an incredible effect on how your holiday seasons fair.

First off let me begin by saying that I am not a very big believer is finding alternative holiday foods. I love the holiday seasons as well as all the tasty treats that come along with them because these treats come along only once a year I want to encourage you all to not deprive yourself of enjoyment. In fact there is nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite holiday gift enjoying yourself is important. I know I do and anyone who thinks I would dare give up food that I only get one chance a year to enjoy guilt free is crazy. The question is then how does one indulge and enjoy, yet avoid ruining your work in the gym and your so long slaved for physique. The answer is that I have a few tricks I prefer to use that allow me to stay on track involving my exercise routine, supplement regimen, and diet.

My very first holiday tip I would like to share with you is the use of nutrient partitioning this is not a new concept. It is actually something I practice year round, but it is very useful to employ during this time of year. Let me present you with a situation say it is sunday evening and you have just spent the evening downing your 2nd glass of egg nog and polishing off your third or was it fourth cookie when your special person walks into the room to announce that you have been invited to your aunt's holiday dinner party tomorrow evening. Well this could be a huge problem that you solve by simply by attending the dinner and avoiding all the delicious food presenting yourself as one of those stick in the mud health nuts. But why do this when you can simply adapt and overcome to this situation. The adaption I would recommend you make is simply changing your workout time that next day to a couple hours prior to your aunt's dinner by doing so you simply change your dinner in to your post-workout meal making it a primetime to eat those sugary normally terrible foods. By doing this we are insuring that your body uses these normally terrible foods to recover from your prior workout.

I will give the next two tips i have to offer in my next two coming blogs so check back for another great holiday guide tip for staying on track during your holiday season
Opening this blog piece up to any and all questions about exercise, nutrition, and supplements as well as any myths you are debating. Leave your question in a comment and I will get back with you.