Can not sleep so I started researching some new topics for articles even worked on a bit of homework for class, but as reading often does to me I started to become increasingly tired. So in an effort to salvage some sleep for the day ahead I began to get ready to put my laptop down. I figured I check my facebook one more time before shutting it down for the night as I was browsing my page I decided to see what was going on my brother's wall. Well long story short I was reading over his notes and I came upon this poem. I love it I believe it describes a mentality that leads to success and improvement. And it is definitely an attitude I would very much recommend taking into each and every training session. I haven't had the chance to talk to my brother about the origin of this poem considering the time at which this was posted, but as I often find the greatest treasures are often uncovered in the most sleep deprived states. So shout out to my brother for passing along such a great poem it is by Edgar Guest and reads as follows:

Somebody said that it couldn't be done,
But, he with a chuckle replied
That "maybe it couldn't" but he would be one
Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried.

So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done, as he did it.

Somebody scoffed: "Oh, you'll never do that;
At least no one we know has done it";
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat,
And the first thing we knew he'd begun it.

With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
There are thousands to prophesy failure;
There are thousands to point out to you, one by one,
The dangers that wait to assail you.

But just buckle right in with a bit of a grin,
Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start to sing as you tackle the thing
That cannot be done, and you'll do it

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