"Glue" Exercises Gone Wrong by Tony Gentilcore

Please, Please, Please read this article. I have my glue exercises and if you ask me I can name them off the top of my head without a second thought. But the reason I want everyone to read this is often I have been criticized because I use a lot of the same exercises or movement variations over and over again in a program. I know that everyone out their believes they need to be doing thrusters on the bosu ball, but really you don't. The best exercises are the ones that offer the biggest bang for your buck. These exercises are also predominantly the most simple and yet yield the greatest results. Please I urge you read this article and pay extra close attention to the final paragraph as it sums up the point I try to get across to people on a daily basis.

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 14

Eric Cressey has been posting a lot of installments in this series that offers fantastic tips on how to move and feel better. These tips are great for the general population because they are simple to implement and cost effective. If you are searching for some great advice checkout this latest installment and the past other 13 posts. You won't be sorry I swear. You will find at least three tips you will use on a daily basis.

The Most Powerful Training Tool by Zach Even-Esh

I love this article by Mr. Even-Esh. It is posted on the new Arnold site so if you haven't yet stick around on the site and read a few of the articles there is a massive amount of great info there. This article does an excellent job discussing how to make your training more consistent and productive. It comes across as simple and common sense solutions but when you really think about what Mr. Even-Esh is saying it is truly profound. Especially considering the dog and pony show of a fitness industry we exist in.
This weeks group of things to read is coming out a little later than usual, but just think you'll have all weekend to give each one a through look over. I hope everyones training has gone well this week. Today was by far my best day of the week I will be posting the details later today. Check out the links below always quality information.

Shut Up and Lift by Tony Gentilcore

I absolutely loved this piece from Tony Gentilcore. Tony did an interview from another site about a week ago, but he decided to share a small piece of it on his own blog. It was awesome. Some one need to address this issue. You can talk and talk about what exercise is the best, debate postural imbalances, and discuss all kinds of reps and set schemes, but when it comes down to it the only thing that is truly going to move you forward is actually LIFTING! I know right, its freaking rocket science this fitness thing (all kidding aside it is a little complex, but spend less time chatting and more time working).

Greatist.com from Tony Gentilcore and Dan Trink

This is a spectacular site and I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to improve their programming but doesn't quite have the money to hire a coach this is the next best thing. Greatist.com is the brain child of two expert trainers currently working in the field. They set-up this site after receiving a wide range of complaints about the inadequate amount of good training programming available to the common fitness enthusiast. These workouts are tops. Now don't think that the workouts are going to come personalized to you and will take care of all and any postural imbalances or dysfunctions you may be suffering because they won't. But they are a great place for one to get started on putting together a better weekly training regimen. Click the link above and it will take to the site and from there you can read up all about it and how to get started. The best part is every exercise is hyperlinked to a video on youtube so you will know exactly how each exercise is suppose to be performed. 

Injury Nutrition and Supplementation: How to Get Back in the Game Sooner by Brian St. Pierre

The last think on this weeks stuff to read is a guest post on Eric Cressey's website by Brian St. Pierre who is a certified nutritionist and strength and conditioning specialist. Brian is very knowledgable on all things health and fitness. He wrote this excellent piece regarding injuries and how to alternate your nutrition to speed up recovery. Brian uses his own personal case to provide an example of how this would be done. I highly recommend reading this post because it demonstrates one that when your injured you simply don't have to lay around and take it and two it really promotes training around injuries rather than just resting completely.
We are mid-way through another great week. For me its been a week full of relaxation and peace with no school to worry about and plenty of time to pursue other passions it has been most enjoyable. I have had a large amount of time to catch up on the mountain of articles, studies, and books in my "things to read folder" and so I am passing along some of the gems I have come across in the last couple of days. Give them a look see. Hope you enjoy!

Tony Takes a Pilates Class by Tony Gentilcore

A really fun read from Tony Gentilcore about his recent experience in the world of pilates. It is awesome to see guys that I look up to getting out of their comfort zone and stepping out of their box because it inspires me to do the same. I think this is an absolute must if you wish to continue growing as a person.

Four Must-Try Mobility Drills by Eric Cressey

I am a firm believer that the most important things someone can do everyday is devote 15mins to their health in some way or another. I loved this article with video demonstrating four mobility drills that will improve your quality of life greatly if practiced once a day. Another great things about this read is it is located on the new Arnold Schwarzenegger website. Its awesome that he is back in the fitness game. While your their on the site give it a look around.

Everything You Need To Know About the Hip Thrust by Bret Contreras

Another great article of experienced fitness professional Bret "The Glute Guy" Contreras. This piece discusses everything and anything to do with the Hip Thrust. I love using the hip thrust with clients who experience excess anterior pelvic tilt. Its also a great move for developing the glutes and maintaining lumbar spine stability during hip extension. Plenty of video helps you visualize what Bret is getting at with his words. Excellent read I implore everyone to read thoroughly.
Time for the third installment into the series of "Stuff to Read". I haven't got any feedback in the way of comments as to if any of my links are helping those looking for answers, but I hope that it is benefiting someone in someway. If you would like to request a particular topic you would like to know more about that I can either write about myself or link you to an article discussing this topic please leave your suggestion in a comment below other wise enjoy this weeks "Stuff to Read".

Working Out When You Don't Really Want to Work Out by Dean Somerset

Here is an excellent blog post from Mr. Somerset in which he talks about his own struggle to fit in training during a short vacation and his victory over an overwhelming amount of baked goods. In all seriousness it discusses an awesome topic that I think every individual can relate to please give it a look see.

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 12 by Eric Cressey

This is a great series of post that focuses on tips and helpful advice to improve one's everyday level of health, which is the big picture for all fitness professionals. In this particular installment Coach Cressey gives an excellent tip about mixing protein powder with cold coffee which I tried immediately and loved it.

The Death of Muscle Building by Jason Ferruggia

A rant unlike any other provided to you by the renegade nation leader himself. Mr. Ferruggia brings focus to a issue that bothers many coaches and trainers alike. This issue being the invasion of training by research lab monkeys. Don't get me wrong research is great, but more and more I here people questioning techniques because there is not enough empirical evidence to support a why for the results this technique produces. Jason, and I agree, argues that sometimes the why doesn't matter as long as the what is getting excellent results.
This makes the second installment of a series I started last week which is founded on the idea that the problem most face when deciding the proper way to attack their health and fitness goals is that their is too much bullshit floating around making it difficult for those seeking the actual truth to find it. In response to this dilemma I want to offer articles, videos, and people that I believe to be creditable and valuable sources of information. Ideas that I myself find helpful and useful. My hope is that if I can share enough information through my own site as well as directing people to other prominent sources many individuals will come to have their questions answered.

This installment has three recommended articles. Two are directed toward any and all readers alike, while the third article discusses the position of a strength and conditioning coach and is oriented to fitness professionals more specifically.

Does Everyone Need to Squat?
by Tony Gentilcore

This is a kickass article discussing one of the most continually discusses and debated topics in the fitness industry "Should you squat?". This article does a great job of exploring the many reasons why one should squat and how one might go about initiating the squatting process.

The Paradox of the Strength and Conditioning Professional by Rob Panariello

This is a great article for anyone who is currently practicing as a fitness professional. Rob Panariello does an excellent job discussing how much responsibility a S and C coach is given and yet how many question the manner in which he deals with the responsibility of training his particular athletes. Though it reads much more like an academic piece of literature it is informative and thought provoking nonetheless. 

6 Primo Pressing Permutations by Ben Bruno

Great article that offers some excellent exercises to incorporate to anyone's training program. Any of theses six might be just the thing you need to renew the spice in a suddenly dull program.
I would say about an hour out of every day I spend reading or watching material from other professionals in the training business to try and continuously broaden my knowledge as well as develop ideas for programming and coaching. I run across many helpful articles any videos that not only are useful to me as a trainer, but would be helpful to all those looking for better ways to train. I'd like to start trying to share some of these helpful materials on a regular basis so here goes my first three things that you must read.

The Busy Trap by Tim Kreider
This is a fantastic article about the all to inefficient busy lives we live and how this is something we have voluntarily inflicted upon ourselves in an effort to somehow increase the importance of our lives. Please read if may open your eyes to some big mistakes you are making with your current schedule.

20 Things I've Told Clients that Made Me Seem Crazy by Dean Somerset
Very funny article but also very realistic because it addresses the big picture of health and why going to the gym and eating healthy means you are a health god. Health encompasses a wide range of issues and has many dimensions that can be considered.

Kneeling Overhead Press to Standing by Tony Gentilcore
Article that discusses a great exercise that everyone should be using or working toward using. Tony Gentilcore does an excellent job demonstrating and discussing the benefits. Remember this exercise is slightly toward the advance end of the spectrum and should be done only by those with enough motor control and core stability to perform properly.