In the past few months I have seen an overwhelming growth of crossfit followers migrating into the gym where I train. I have even witnessed the opening of the first crossfit gym right in here in my hometown. I cannot help but be forced to take notice of the strides crossfit has taken in coming from the underground garage looming following to now breaking into mainstream fitness everywhere. But as I have explored deeper into crossfit I have found a few problems I have with it in spite of the many great aspects I believe it offers. I have also come to find an issue with the legitimacy of the crossfit philosophy due to some inconsistencies within the ideal. In addition I have found that many of the crossfit practioners I have had interacted with have put me off with their absolutist view of crossfit as the be end of all workout philosophies. I am working on an in-depth article that should be posted later in the coming week that will explore crossfit both its philosophy and foundation as well as the level of legitimacy I give it as a new and different style of training.

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