Well its true I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to getting this weekly segment out in a timely manner. I would like to apologize for this I believed I have developed a new strategy for improving my consistency of posting. With that being said though all this time away from this particular segment has given me a lot of time to consider what exercise I wanted to share with everyone.
I personally have been feeling a bit bored with my normal exercise selection as I have a tendency to stick with the same movements in my own program for much longer than most because I prefer to alter set and rep scheme instead. I do this because I enjoy seeing my numbers move upward strength wise on those particular movements, but I have to remind myself that variety isn't scary and that change at time is warranted. Now understand you can't perform a massive overall to any program not even my own because movements that the human body can perform are limited. But what one can do is change a variety of other variables in an exercise to get a whole different exercise that works the same primary movement. The only difference being that perhaps it stimulates a different portion of the fibers more because of a change in the angle that it is performed at or maybe the hand position is slightly wider or narrower. Even better maybe we completely change the mode of training equipment from a dumbbell to a barbell. These alterations are endless and the spins you can put on any basic movement are many.
Getting back to my problem of boredom with my current exercise selection. I decided that I would challenge myself to use two new exercises in each training session I performed in the past week. What I found was that this challenge did two things for me it got me re-energized about my training sessions and it forced me to push  the limits on exercise creation. I would recommend taking on a similar challenge if you are feeling bored with your current program. You don't even need to come up with your own exercises simply go to your favorite health and fitness site (like mine) check out their video section and see what you come up with.
Anyway needless to say I completed my challenge and forced myself outside of my normal programming routine. I came up with 8 new exercises (new in the sense they are new to my program, not that I created them) to plug into my existing program. My guidelines for selecting the new exercises were that the exercise had to train the same basic movement, they needed to challenge my stability, and I preferred they be single-arm/leg variations. What I was able to find/come up with were awesome and since they were so awesome I thought I would take the time over the next several weeks to share them with everyone else. I know there must be other individuals who are feeling the same way I have been feeling about my exercise selection so without further ado let me introduce you to the One-Arm Standing Landmine Overhead Press

One-Arm Standing Landmine Overhead Press

A great overhead press variation that has a multitude of things going on that are going to benefit you. First and most obvious is that it is an iso-lateral loaded movement meaning that the weight is only being applied to one side of the body. This is great for challenging core stability both anti-rotation and anti-extension. It also is performed using one arm which helps to straighten out any strength imbalances between the left and right arm. Last but not least the exercise is loaded using a landmine barbell position which does two thing one it changes the curve at which the weight varies in different positions when compared to a standard pressing exercise. Two it forces you to press at a slightly lower angle because of the arching motion of the barbell which recruits more front delt/pec minor. I loved using this exercise so much I have used it twice in the past week. I was so sore after the initial performance that I took an extra 12 hours between workouts to allow for complete recovery. I highly recommend using this exercise in your program. It doesn't have to be a permanent staple, but its a create way to add variety and put a little different spin on a very old movement. Below is a video demonstrating the exercise.

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