Got my first look at the kind of training I will be doing with my new mentor most of its a lot of functional exercises that emphasize core stability while increasing heart rate done in an interval or superset type manner. I like the overall approach but I am not a huge guy on focusing on core stability as my main focus yes it is key to developing other muscles and lifts that I would like to integrate into my own program. I also am not overly excited about the challenge of working with multiple people with different goals in the same session. To me personal training is centered around personalization. I would like to be able to on my own focus individually on each client on and their goals and tailor a program to achieve those goals while working very closely with that individual. I am a very organized person, so I have a very particular system I would like to use to make sure each of my clients feels very satisfied and well taken care on an in-depth level. I still am very excited to see the in and outs of a functional program and the effects it has on individuals as well as add it to my arsenal of tools to use in my own training methods. Like i said in an earlier post you must always be sorting through what works and throwing out what doesn't. I am very blessed to have a really cool awesome dude allowing me to learn and apply a new approach.

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