If I were to criticize any individual's weekly training routine my first two criticisms would for sure be the lack of an adequate warm-up and/or cool-down and barely anytime devoted to injury prevention methods. I feel  that it is the inclusion of adequate warm-ups, injury prevention, and cool-downs that take a somewhat effect training program and turns it into an excellent program. While I understand that these three parts of a workout are by no means as fun as grinding out four heavy sets of deadlifts it is imperative to overall health to make sure that you devote and invest the time into each three areas.

To help those out who wish to start rounding out their training by incorporating some of these elements of training on a more regular basis I want to provide a very simple and basic injury prevention routine that takes no more than 10mins. I think this is the area most individuals struggle the most with because they do not understand what they should be doing and do not have the knowledge required to program this particular element into a workout. Below is listed my recommended injury prevention routine to start with to get you on your way to buidling a strong, solid foundation.
Floor T's
-Lie face down on the floor with your legs extended and your arms outstretched directly to side creating a shape similar to a "T".
-Move your shoulder blades toward your spine while raising your hands upward.
-Let your hands return to the floor and repeat for prescribed repetitions.
-Focus on moving through your shoulder blades. Squeeze them back and together
-You should feel the movement in your upper back and shoulders.
Floor Y's
-Lie face down on the floor with your legs extended and your arms outstretched above your head creating a "Y" shape (think Y-M-C-A).
-Move your shoulder blades toward your spine at the same time raise you hands from the floor.
-Let your hands return to the floor and repeat
-Focus on moving your shoulder blades against your rib cage rather than raising your arms.
-The movement should tax your upper back, lats, and shoulders
Hip External Rotation w/Mini Band (Clamshell)
-Lie on your side with your shoulders, hips, and feet square to the fall in front of you.
-Place the mini band around your both legs
-Pull your knees up as if you were assuming the feeble position stop at the point when your knees are bent just forward of the rest of your body.
-You should know be in a position where your head, chest, waist, hips, and feet create a straight line with your knees bent forward of this straight line
-Be sure the miniband is around the knees.
-Initiate movement by driving the top knee up toward the ceiling while keeping the feet pinned together (resembles opening a clamshell). 
-Once you have reached your end range of motion (this will vary depending on your own hip mobility) lower the knee down to where both knees are touching. Repeat for repetitions.
Front Plank
-Begin by placing your elbows directly beneath your shoulders with you hands forward of your elbows below your face
-Assume the push-up position
-Keep the back flat
-Squeeze your glutes and flex your quads.
-Think about pulling your belly button into your spine
-Maintain this position for a predetermined time.
Glute Bridge
-Assume a traditional sit-up position with your knees pulled up and heels flat on the floor
-Initiate the movement by driving your heels into the ground and raise your hips toward the ceiling
-Keep your lower back flat and think about squeezing the glutes
-Lower the hips all the way back to the ground and repeat for repetitions.

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