I have a tradition I have started with my clients. When they perform a workout with such effort and never say die will that it reminds me of a warrior I reward them with a t-shirt that includes them into a select club of my clients who I hold a lot of respect for and I believe I have succeeded in making a change in their life. These workouts that I am talking about are what I referred to as a lifechanger. As a former athlete I myself have experienced such workouts and there is nothing like it and if you are someone who has been to this point you can recognize when its happening to someone else. Its that workout when your halfway through and you feel pinned to the ground and you'd rather quit then go that extra minute or set but you for that brief instant you find out what your made of and you choose to continue that moment changes an individual it makes them stronger more determined and it carries over into all aspects of their life its one of the most amazing things felt or experienced and I always recognize it and praise it when it happens to one of my clients because its the result of the individual themselves deciding to push there current limits through the ceiling and through their old expectations out the window. There is a favorite quote of mine that describes this moment better than I ever could here it is its from the 2006 Rocky Balboa movies if I haven't ever said it before Rocky Balboa is one of my heros! Yo Adrian!

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