From a scientific there really isn't much we know about muscle growth what we do know is mostly based on theory and speculation. What we do know based on research and hundreds of anecdotal evidence provided by hundreds of different bodybuilders is that an 8 to 12 rep range seems to be the best range to work in to enhance muscle hypertrophy. Yet I often find myself listening to persons discuss what the best range is for building muscle or answering a similar question.

Research performed in Finland and the U.S. demonstrated incredible support for higher reps ranges of 8-12. The researchers had individuals perform a leg workout doing either 5 sets of 10 reps or 15 sets of 1 rep then immediately taking a sample of muscle from the quads to analyze for biochemical factors that instigate muscle growth. They specifically were looking at mitogen-activated protein kinase, a particular enzyme involved in protein synthesis, (MAPK) signaling pathways. These particular pathways are one the few scientific biological pathologies we know are involved in muscle growth.

So the message to obtain from this particular blog is that if your goal is muscle growth the ideal rep range to achieve this desired training effect is between 8 to 12. But in saying this you do not want to get stuck only working within this rep range for the rest of your workout history it is important to work your body through the entire variety of rep schemes not that this is going to help confuse your muscle because a muscle can not be confused its a muscle this is simply to say that its important to use all the schemes to reap the benefits o

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