One of the biggest and most common misconceptions out there is the idea that you become stronger, bigger, and faster from working out and that the more you workout the more gains you will see, but this is completely incorrect and will in fact impeed your progress. A well laid out and planned program has built in days of rest because (and I know this might sound crazy, but go with it because its the truth) you actually gain that size, strength, or speed during this period of rest. The workout sessions only facilitate this recovery by doing damage to your muscles. Think of it like this if you built your house to withstand 200mph winds and a tornado rolled through that produced 220mph winds that destroyed your house then you would not rebuild the house to withstand 200mph winds again no you would rebuild it to withstand 220mph. This concept applies to your muscles as well when you workout you breakdown these muscle cells and amino acids, but your body adapts and tries to protect itself from having this happen again buy growing bigger and stronger. So don't feel guilty when you take that extra day of rest enjoy it because you are really reaping the rewards of th

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