I love training! I love training committed, driven individuals even more! Over my short time training a wide variety of clients from all walks of life with all kinds of goals, I have slowly started to compile a list of characteristics that separate the successful clients from the unsuccessful in regards to obtaining their goals. Over the past week I have spent a lot of time contemplating which of these characteristics I value most in a client and which ones predict the greatest amount of success. My conclusion is that if a client shows up to a session with a sense of urgency and has the ability to listen to coaching and make corrections on the fly they will be extremely successful.

Some might be wondering what I mean by sense of urgency and whenever someone asks me this question I find it hard to describe to someone who doesn't have it themselves. But to explain it in the simplest words I would describe it as knowing that you have a goal to achieve and you understand that there is work to be done to achieve that goal and everything else around you fades away except that one focus. This kind of attitude coupled with an ability to be coachable makes for a successful client because the ability to be coachable transfers into perfect form when performing all exercises and the sense of urgency insures that the client will get work done while in the gym 

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