I heard the above quote earlier today after watching a good friend nail a deadlift PR of 380lbs. He used straps for this effort. He was then proceeded to be called a girl for using said straps. I believe this individual was seriously mistaken. Straps are essential for overload of bigger muscles. Grip strength is always a limiting reactant in the reaction necessary for strength. So by removing said limiting reactant one can gain much more from their training. I do not understand why this new idea about straps has come forward. I believe it has to do with the emergence of crossfit and it's methodology into the general population. But I say fuck this idea straps are useful and necessary for growth and strength improvement as a means to apply overload without grip strength getting in the way. Just because the hard-core police don't believe in straps doesn't mean you need to follow suit. To quality the use of straps I simply offer up names, such as Derek Poundstone and Dorian Yates. Both of these men have accomplished amazing feats in there respective sports and both are well known for their legendary training intensity.
Straps are used by real men not girls.

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