I would say about an hour out of every day I spend reading or watching material from other professionals in the training business to try and continuously broaden my knowledge as well as develop ideas for programming and coaching. I run across many helpful articles any videos that not only are useful to me as a trainer, but would be helpful to all those looking for better ways to train. I'd like to start trying to share some of these helpful materials on a regular basis so here goes my first three things that you must read.

The Busy Trap by Tim Kreider
This is a fantastic article about the all to inefficient busy lives we live and how this is something we have voluntarily inflicted upon ourselves in an effort to somehow increase the importance of our lives. Please read if may open your eyes to some big mistakes you are making with your current schedule.

20 Things I've Told Clients that Made Me Seem Crazy by Dean Somerset
Very funny article but also very realistic because it addresses the big picture of health and why going to the gym and eating healthy means you are a health god. Health encompasses a wide range of issues and has many dimensions that can be considered.

Kneeling Overhead Press to Standing by Tony Gentilcore
Article that discusses a great exercise that everyone should be using or working toward using. Tony Gentilcore does an excellent job demonstrating and discussing the benefits. Remember this exercise is slightly toward the advance end of the spectrum and should be done only by those with enough motor control and core stability to perform properly.

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