This makes the second installment of a series I started last week which is founded on the idea that the problem most face when deciding the proper way to attack their health and fitness goals is that their is too much bullshit floating around making it difficult for those seeking the actual truth to find it. In response to this dilemma I want to offer articles, videos, and people that I believe to be creditable and valuable sources of information. Ideas that I myself find helpful and useful. My hope is that if I can share enough information through my own site as well as directing people to other prominent sources many individuals will come to have their questions answered.

This installment has three recommended articles. Two are directed toward any and all readers alike, while the third article discusses the position of a strength and conditioning coach and is oriented to fitness professionals more specifically.

Does Everyone Need to Squat?
by Tony Gentilcore

This is a kickass article discussing one of the most continually discusses and debated topics in the fitness industry "Should you squat?". This article does a great job of exploring the many reasons why one should squat and how one might go about initiating the squatting process.

The Paradox of the Strength and Conditioning Professional by Rob Panariello

This is a great article for anyone who is currently practicing as a fitness professional. Rob Panariello does an excellent job discussing how much responsibility a S and C coach is given and yet how many question the manner in which he deals with the responsibility of training his particular athletes. Though it reads much more like an academic piece of literature it is informative and thought provoking nonetheless. 

6 Primo Pressing Permutations by Ben Bruno

Great article that offers some excellent exercises to incorporate to anyone's training program. Any of theses six might be just the thing you need to renew the spice in a suddenly dull program.

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