Time for the third installment into the series of "Stuff to Read". I haven't got any feedback in the way of comments as to if any of my links are helping those looking for answers, but I hope that it is benefiting someone in someway. If you would like to request a particular topic you would like to know more about that I can either write about myself or link you to an article discussing this topic please leave your suggestion in a comment below other wise enjoy this weeks "Stuff to Read".

Working Out When You Don't Really Want to Work Out by Dean Somerset

Here is an excellent blog post from Mr. Somerset in which he talks about his own struggle to fit in training during a short vacation and his victory over an overwhelming amount of baked goods. In all seriousness it discusses an awesome topic that I think every individual can relate to please give it a look see.

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 12 by Eric Cressey

This is a great series of post that focuses on tips and helpful advice to improve one's everyday level of health, which is the big picture for all fitness professionals. In this particular installment Coach Cressey gives an excellent tip about mixing protein powder with cold coffee which I tried immediately and loved it.

The Death of Muscle Building by Jason Ferruggia

A rant unlike any other provided to you by the renegade nation leader himself. Mr. Ferruggia brings focus to a issue that bothers many coaches and trainers alike. This issue being the invasion of training by research lab monkeys. Don't get me wrong research is great, but more and more I here people questioning techniques because there is not enough empirical evidence to support a why for the results this technique produces. Jason, and I agree, argues that sometimes the why doesn't matter as long as the what is getting excellent results.

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