This weeks group of things to read is coming out a little later than usual, but just think you'll have all weekend to give each one a through look over. I hope everyones training has gone well this week. Today was by far my best day of the week I will be posting the details later today. Check out the links below always quality information.

Shut Up and Lift by Tony Gentilcore

I absolutely loved this piece from Tony Gentilcore. Tony did an interview from another site about a week ago, but he decided to share a small piece of it on his own blog. It was awesome. Some one need to address this issue. You can talk and talk about what exercise is the best, debate postural imbalances, and discuss all kinds of reps and set schemes, but when it comes down to it the only thing that is truly going to move you forward is actually LIFTING! I know right, its freaking rocket science this fitness thing (all kidding aside it is a little complex, but spend less time chatting and more time working). from Tony Gentilcore and Dan Trink

This is a spectacular site and I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to improve their programming but doesn't quite have the money to hire a coach this is the next best thing. is the brain child of two expert trainers currently working in the field. They set-up this site after receiving a wide range of complaints about the inadequate amount of good training programming available to the common fitness enthusiast. These workouts are tops. Now don't think that the workouts are going to come personalized to you and will take care of all and any postural imbalances or dysfunctions you may be suffering because they won't. But they are a great place for one to get started on putting together a better weekly training regimen. Click the link above and it will take to the site and from there you can read up all about it and how to get started. The best part is every exercise is hyperlinked to a video on youtube so you will know exactly how each exercise is suppose to be performed. 

Injury Nutrition and Supplementation: How to Get Back in the Game Sooner by Brian St. Pierre

The last think on this weeks stuff to read is a guest post on Eric Cressey's website by Brian St. Pierre who is a certified nutritionist and strength and conditioning specialist. Brian is very knowledgable on all things health and fitness. He wrote this excellent piece regarding injuries and how to alternate your nutrition to speed up recovery. Brian uses his own personal case to provide an example of how this would be done. I highly recommend reading this post because it demonstrates one that when your injured you simply don't have to lay around and take it and two it really promotes training around injuries rather than just resting completely.

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