I can't tell you how many times I want to scream after watching some one walk right up the stairs hop on to a machine and start busting out some poorly executed reps or grabbing a pair of dumbells and tearing up their rotator cuff. For your body to properly function at maximal performance it must first be warmed-up. Most warm-ups that I see common gym goers perform when I do see any actually performed is the common swing your arms back in forth or jump up and down a few times. This is not a warm-up it is merely some one wasting time. A proper warm-up should both prepare the muscles for strain by activating and stretching as well as begin pumping blood throughout your body at an above resting level. Allowing for nutrients to be brought to inactive muscles to prepare them for exercises. The newest article on Intellectualfitness.org will be discussing the reasons why as well as the proper way to warm-up before any exercise check it out on the training page of thew 

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