Most of us that visit a gym regularly know that there are alot people who train in a lot of different ways not saying that they are training wrong or right. But their is a proper way to train and a lot of these people think they know what that is. Now I understand that there are a lot of intelligent people in this world and some of them might be somewhat right, but this does not entitle them to force their training method on to you. If an individual such as what I have described approaches you and offers his great vast knowledge about strength training or exercising listen thats the polite thing to do take what they say with a grain of salt when they are done giving their of so academic lecture on the importance of depth in a squat or range of motion in the bench press very respectfully ask them what there credentials are. More than likely they will retort with a statement such as I have been lifting for 16years. Well thats great and all but in those 16years how much improvement have they made, did they keep up on latest research. More often then not no they are just another hardgainer who thinks they are the beginning and end of all authority on exercise. They think they know but they don't llisten to individuals who's have qualified credentials such as a certification or degree in a health related field. The best authority is your own do your own research experiment with what you find and figure out what works. Health and Fitness is an always evolving field stay up on the newest developments.

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