Just finished up my training session for the day. It was epic! The gym was almost empty I got every piece of equipment I wanted to use and as much floor space as I needed, which is rare because floor space is a commodity in a commercial gym. But today was lower body except my calves atleast I didn't single them out with in any exercise because I am experimenting with the frequency with which I train them. Here's a copy of the workout.

Dynamic Warm:
-Shin Grabx10yds
-Walking Quadx10yds
-Russian Walkx10yds
-Glute to Hamstring Stretchx10yds
-Lunge Elbow to Ankle to Hip Liftx10yds
-A-Skips for ground contactsx10yds
-A-Skips for heightx10yds
Lower Body Resistance Training
-Front Squatx3setsx9-11reps
-Leg Extensionx3setsx9-11reps
-Romanian Deadlift with bandsx4setsx9-11reps
-Seated Leg Curlx3setsx9-11reps
Core Stability:
-Farmers Walkx50ydsx2sets
-Supine Weighted Bridgex8repsx2sets
-Reverse Crunchx1minx2sets
-Cable Oblique Twistx10repsx2sets
Cool Down/Static Stretching
-Foam Roller Seriesx12reps a piece
-Hamstring Stretchx20sec
-Quad Stretchx20sec
-Groin Stretchx20sec
-Hip Flexor Stretchx20sec

The last set of every resistance exercise was preformed with a dropset of 20% of the initial weight. I am currently working with alot more volume then normal and keeping the rest periods to 60sec or less between sets. This entire workout took me 68mins. You can achieve great results with a lot less volume and a lot less time then an hour and 8mins the mistake most people make when it comes to time spent in the time is that they are to lax about what they are doing. Come into the gym with a plan and have a sense of urgency about getting it done watch your rest time and maintain pace don't slow down as you go. Get In Get 
Wes W
2/4/2012 09:27:11

Way to go!


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