It's been awhile since I shared my training session with everyone (the two people who stop by just to laugh) so since summer school is over and I have plenty of time to fit in some blogging I thought I'd share what I have planned for this afternoon.

AMMP (activation, mobility, movement prep)
-Foam Roller Series x 6 rollls apiece
-Plank x 20s FP 10s SP x 1set
-Glute Bridge w/March x 6reps per leg x 1set
-Clamshell x 12reps x 1set
-RDL Movement x 10reps x 1set
-Standing Hip External Rotation x 10reps x 1set
-Shin Grab/Frwd Lunge/Elbow to Instep/Hip Lift/Thor. Mob x 15yds x 1set
-Walking Quad/Rvrs Lunge/Twist x 15yds x 1set
-A-Skip x 20yds x 1set
Core Stability
-A1 -> Landmine Kneeling Anti-Rotation x 6reps/side
-A2 -> Hanging Leg Raise x 8+reps
-A3 -> Get-Up Sit-Up x 10reps
*4 rounds done with minimal rest
-Battling Ropes x 20sec
-Med-Ball Slam x 10reps
*12 rounds
-Foam Roller x 12 rolls apiece
7/30/2012 22:44:10

Nice warm up routine...looks familiar for the most part. :) I am, however, going to have to figure out what a couple of these things are that you are doing. I am guessing if I was ready to do them myself I would know. I suppose maybe when I am a farm walker I might find out...haha.
Also, on an unrelated note, your videos are good quality and I like the way you use different angles; I imagine that really helps people who aren't so lucky to have a real life trainer.


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