Nothing like a good, productive afternoon training session to round out a lazy, wake-up late sunday. Rest up people tomorrow the grind begins again!

-Foam Roller Series x 8 rolls apiece
-Plank x (15s Right Leg off the ground) (15s Right Leg off the round)
-Side Plank x (10s Right Leg Abducted) (10s Left Leg Abducted)
-Yoga Push x 10reps
-Glute Bridge w/Reach x 8reps
-Standing Isometric Wall Hip Abduction x 20s/leg
-Clamshell x 12reps
-Wall Hip Flexor Mobility x 10reps
-RDL Movement x 10reps
-Shin Grab/Frwd Lunge/Elbow to Instep/Hip Lift/Overhead Reach x 15yds
-Walking Quad/Reverse Lunge/Twist x 15yds
-Wall Pick-Ups x 20res
-Wall Slides w/Mini Band and Retraction x 10reps
-Band Pull Apart x 10reps
-Thoracic Mobility x 8reps/side
A1-Jump Rope x 30s
A2-Rest x 30s
A3-Agilities x 30s
A4-Rest x 30s
*8 rounds
MRT/Core Stability
A1-Cross Body Carry x 60yds w/60lbs and 90lbs
A2-Kneeling Cable Twist'n'Press x 5reps/side w/40lbs
B1-Hammer Strength Shrug x 12reps w/4plates
B2-Face Pulls x 12reps w/35lbs
C1-Calf Raise x TF w/120lbs
C2-Dorsiflexion x TF w/band
-Foam Roll and Stretch

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