Todays training session was a heavy conventional deadlift day. We did a set and rep scheme of 3/1/1/1/amrap. I followed that up with some metabolic resistance training to hit all the major movements. I ended with some concentric box jumps in an effort to help bring up my initial pull on the deadlift. Below is the detailed version of the training session.

AMMP (activation, mobilization, movement prep)
-Foam Roller Series x 8 rolls apiece
-Plank x (left leg off ground x 15s)(right leg off ground x 15s)
-Side Plank x (left leg abducted x 15s)(right leg abducted x 15s)
-Yoga Push-Up x 8reps
-Supine Bridge x 12reps
-Wall Hip Abduction x 20s/leg
-Will Hip Flexor Mobilization x 5reps/leg
-Quadruped Hip Adductor Mobilization x 8reps/leg
-Clamshell x 12reps
-Shin Grabs/Forward lunge/Elbow to Instep/Hip Lift/Ovrhead Reach x 15yds
-Walking Quad/Reverse Lunge/Twist x 15yds
-Deep Squat/Toe Grab/Overhead Reach x 8reps
A1-Conventional Deadlift x 3reps/1rep/1rep/1rep/AMRAP (350/3) (370/1) (385/1) (380/1) (315/1)
A2-Dead Bug x 20reps (BW/20) (BW/20) (BW/20)
Metabolic Resistance Training
A1-Barbell Incline Press x 8reps (195/8) (195/8) (195/6)
A2-Close-Grip Pulley Row x 8reps (180/8) (185/8) (185/8)
B1-DB Push Press x 5reps (65/5) (65/5) (65/5)
B2-Pull-Up x 8reps+ (BW/8) (BW/8) (BW/8)
C1-Anteriorly Loaded Step-Up x 6reps/leg (35/6) (35/6) (35/6)
C2-Reverse Crunch x 12reps (BW/12) (BW/12) (BW/12)
-Concentric Box Jumps x 8reps x 3sets
-Foam Roll
-Active Isolated Stretching

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