Here is my training for the day. All in all it went really well. I did feel a slight strain in my hamstring on the last set of the sumo deadlifts, but nothing plenty of ice and a little ibprofen can't fix. Today was a total body strength training. Slowly but surely I am creeping towards a 500lbs deadlift.

AMMP (activation, mobilization, movement prep)
-Foam Roller Series x 8 rolls apiece
-Plank x 20s FP 10s SP
-Glute Bridge x 12 reps
-Clamshell x 12 reps
-RDL Pattern x 10reps
-Standing Hip ER x 10reps
-Shin Grab/Frwd Lunge/Elbow to Instep/Hip Lift/Overhead Reach x 15 yds
-Walking Quad/Reverse Lunge/Twist x 15 yds
-Wall Pick-Ups x 20 reps
-Band Pull-Apart x 10reps
-Sumo Deadlift 5sets x 3reps (330/3) (330/3) (330/3) (330/3) (330/3)
-Pull-Ups 4sets x 10resp (BW/10) (BW/8) (BW/8) (BW/10)
-BB Overhead Press 4sets x 8reps (125/8) (125/8) (125/8) (125/8)
MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training)
A1 - Reverse Lunge to 1-Leg RDL x 6reps/leg (60/6) (60/6) (60/6)
A2 - Close-Grip Pulley Row x 8reps (180/8) (180/8) (180/8)
A3 - Push-Ups x TF (BW/30) (BW/25) (BW/25)
-Foam Roller x 12 rolls piece

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