After talking to a man at the gym last night and discovering he had been coming to the gym for the past two months and only knew how to work the treadmill. I asked him why was he even bothering will paying for a membership if all he was doing is walking you can do that outside or in your own home. Upon further discussion with the man I realized how little he knew about basic exercise guidelines and prescription. This really floored me because I never have considered the fact that some people would join a gym without really understanding what to do while they are at the gym. After much thought I realized what a fool I have been to assume people are just automatically born understanding the basic premises of exercise. This post is intended to direct people such as the man I spoke with last night to the right sources of information to allow one to begin there journey through health and fitness and on to a more healthy lifestyle. I recommend after joining a gym to pick up some very basic literature regarding exercise it doesn't really matter where you start just an easy read to begin your knowledge of fitness. One can also find great information on the web such as this websites and others a few are found on the additional information tab here and in addition to those check out, or But remember to be careful make sure the website you are using is ran and produced by a qualified professional or team of professionals this is usually easy to do as most websites have an about  us tab. You can look at for basic exercise guidelines as well. After reading up on basic exercise you now have kind of a grasp for the terminology and practice of exercise but this does not mean you are capable of creating your own program. The next step to achieving fitness enlightment would be to obtain a personal trainer at your gym to consult you and design a program to begin. Once this is down further study into healt and fitness will help further your knowledge and continued session with your trainer will help you understand more and more eventually you will be able to stand on your own in the gym. Like most things in life it just takes time so don't get frustrated or embarassed if you don't do or say the right thing learn and improve.

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