Workout For the Day:

Deadlift 5setsx5reps @ 300lbs
Back Squat 4setx x 10reps @ 225lbs
A1 - Barbell Incline Press x 10reps @ 185lbs
A2 - Seated Cable Row x 12 reps @ 120lbs
*performed for 4rounds with minimal rest
B1 - Dual Axis Lat Pulldown x 12reps @ 70lbs
B2 - One-Arm Half-Kneeling Landmine Press x 10reps @ 35lbs
*performed for 3rounds with minimal Rest
Med-Ball Drills x 30sec apiece x 8rounds with 30sec rest for total of 8mins

Foam Roller Series
Static Stretch Series

Post-Workout Snack:
2 scoops Whey Isolate Mango Flavor
30 Wonka Bottle Caps

Who else trained today and what did you do? Leave in comment below.

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