Here's my workout for today I haven't performed it yet, but will this evening. I wanted to give everyone a chance to share their workouts of the day.

Range of Motion, Activation, Movement Prep
-Hip Flexor Stretch
-Half Kneeling Thoracic Rotation
-Hip Lift
-Glute Bridge
-Band Forward and Backward Walking
-Band Sidestep
-High Knee
-Butt Kicks
-Two Point One-Arm DB Row x 10reps w/50lbs
-Jump Squat x 30reps w/BW
-One-Arm DB Floor Press x 12reps w/50lbs
*performed for 3 rounds with minimal rest
-Burpees x 30sec x 10sets w/30sec rest
Core Stability
-Reverse Crunch x 20reps x 2sets

Foam Roller Series
Static Stretch Series

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