I preach to every single client I meet with that nutrition is by far the biggest factor in achieving results in altering their body. I believe this myself and I am backed up by years of science to solidify this belief. Yet I sometimes feel beside myself when trying to coach my clients in nutrition as I direct them to eat healthy whole foods, but I myself understand the difficulty that comes with this challenge finding truly healthy foods is hard in our current food environment. I am not a supporter of the adage that is cost to much to eat healthy because unless my math is wrong it has never cost more to eat less which is often the first step in most clients journey to a more healthy diet. If there are any out there who would like to challenge me on this I am more than happy to take your weekly food expenditure total and by you a weeks worth of more healthy whole food for the same amount of money. Back to the topic yes the current food environment is horrible it takes a truly educated consumer to find true healthy foods today. This is due to current food production that is practiced in America today. Food production is currently equal to mass production and everyone knows as quantity increases quality often suffers. This has held true in the food industry because we as consumers demand large amounts of food readily available at all times we have fed a the demand for this mass production of our food. And to meet this demand food production has been forced to accept the downgrade of quality of the food. Take for example wheat bread true original wheat bread was originally made from true to god wheat grass, but as the demand for great production rose the food industry in an effort to meet this need genetically modified this plant to make it more abundant and easier to produce creating somewhat of a frankenstein wheat bread that is often sold in today's grocery stores as healthy whole grains when it is actually is terrible for you. This is where it becomes difficult for consumers to eat healthy because even though we think we are buying and eating healthy we are truly not. But this is not a hopeless cause it lies with us as consumers to fix this problem. We as consumers must stop demanding mass production of our foods, we must stop contributing to large power hungry monopoly holding food companies that are holding our nutrition ransom. We as consumers must start buying locally grown whole foods from our local farmers markets we must bring back the days of weekly market runs rather than monthly grocery stock-ups. I understand this is difficult as the prices at farmers markets are often much higher than at your local food stores, but this is simply due to a lack of demand for local grown foods. If we as consumers change where we place our demand we can quickly turn the tables on big food companies we can make local farms more economically viable raising local competition which will increase local food quality. And because this food is grown locally and correctly we can get back to the original foods are grandparents grew up eating leading to improved health and improved communities. The choice lies with us the consumers we drive the market if we want 
10/20/2011 10:37:00

Hey there, lil' ninja. Good to find you here. I love buying local when possible, and look forward to growing a garden and sharing produce this summer too. We've found a local egg provider and beef provider too. You have any leads on decent affordable local chicken or turkey?


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