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Due to a change in my schedule I wasn't going to be able to make it to the gym today so i had to adapt. I did 20mins of HIIT coupled with some core training. Who else trained today?
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In an old post I have mentioned that crunches are bad for your spine and may lead to spine damage. After further reading and review of studies supporting this statement I have thrown this conclusion out the window. The studies used to support this claim of crunches being bad for you were done using isolated animal spines. Meaning the spines where removed from the animals bodies and manipulated by hand. Meaning that the findings in these studies I believe have little implication on the human spine in regards to crunching. I do believe that in some cases especially in populations having prior back injuries crunching can be detrimental, but for normal population crunches are a perfectly fine way to exercise the abdominals, but always remember there is always a proper way and
If you have read my bio to the right you know that I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. I love what I do and enjoy helping others reach their goals. I find my niche in weight management and fat-loss, but my expertise covers a variety of training styles. I love working with athletes and have over 2,000 hours in training athletes from all sports. I am an ex-athlete myself and enjoy sports greatly. Through this website I am able to provide information and video's this also allows me to offer distance training. I have several clients that I train all via web. I send their programs over e-mail and provide them with video's demonstrating the exercises. If you are a self-motivated person and just looking for direction and a guide to achieving your goals please contact me at sfreeborn7@gmail.com. I have had great success training clients through this process and prices are very reasonable.
New Article up on the supplement page on creatine check it out. A very informative read.
A new study published shows that directly after child birth new dads experience a steep decline in testosterone levels. Although the researchers believed this a function that allows the male to better care for his offspring it may cause some health issues as testosterone is the most important male hormone. To all you new dads out their it might be wise to consult a physician following child birth to discuss your hormone levels. Low testosterone can also hinder muscular hypertrophy and strength increases.
We are working on improving our distance training programs by adding a video library to the site. The first installments of videos will be up very soon be looking for them prior to the end of this week.




Today's blog is very off-topic from this website, but it is appropriate for today. Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the greatest lost of American life in one day sense the Civil War Battle of Antietam. My message today is very short. We must honor those that were lost that day, by never forgetting. Give thanks today to all those who answered the call of duty that day. Remember and pray for those that have been left behind by loved ones gone. And please never forget what makes this great country unique. It was demonstrated ten years ago on this very day.
A recent study published predicts that half all us adults will be obese by 2030. It is my life goal to insure this does not become a reality and Intellectual Fitness is the first step to that please take advantage of every piece of information we have to offer on the website as well as contacting me for individual help. Please join me in fighting this prediction.