After finding myself in a state of stagnation in my results from training I began searching through my small library of knowledge and the knowledge of my most respected idols looking to put a program together that could break my endless plateau I seem to be stuck on. I am writing this because I figure I am not the only one out their in this situation and also to let everyone know that even personal trainers and experts on exercise physiology struggle with there own training programs. Back to my point while I was picking the minds of some of the people I most respect on the subject of strength training. One of my very closest mentors and first real influential figures on my philosophy of training said to me this 

"in this age of information finding an effective program is relatively easy it is the application and foundation of the program that is usually the decaying factor that hinders one's own progress. This is easy to ignore after one trains for a long time the individual begins to ignore the foundations of any program and concerning themselves to much with complicated rep schemes and correct training splits. The foundation is the repetitions rededicate yourself to this and your progress will pick up again."

After hearing this I began to really re-assess the way in which I train as I looked at this i realized my programming is solid if applied correctly and with proper intensity and technique it will produce the results I desire. So I examined these factors I apply my training correctly, consistently, and with a high-level of intensity. Therefore that leaves the technique of the program more importantly the technique of each repetition of an exercise. As I evaluated this factor I realized that even though I do perform proper repetitions most of the time I am not perfect in applying proper technique 100% of the time. I realized I needed to rededicate myself to the foundation or repetition. So in an effort to this i examined the components and purpose of a proper repetition. You can learn what these components and purpose is in intellectual fitness's latest training article The Foundation: Repetitions

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