In any endeavour one undertakes one wishes to be successful. I have found from experience both failure and success that there are always two main factors in deciding which is the outcome of the endeavour you are involved in. These two factors are planning and adaption. Planning being the foundation of the success if you want success you must expect it and the only way you can possibly expect it is by planning for it. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the endeavour you are partaking in, but for health and fitness goals this might include taking three hours out of each Sunday to plan your weekly meals and cook up all your food for the week ahead or writing your workouts down in advance so that you have a plan when you enter the gym and record your reps and weight. Anyway whatever your chosen goal planning is always key to achieving success. The second ingredient to achieving success is the ability to adapt to your situation and surroundings because as we all know life never goes as we planned it so why would any of our other plans go off perfectly every time. The truth is they won't so we always need to be willing and ready to adapt our plan as necessary. This ability will not come naturally for some for others it will be something they were born with but if one wants to be successful it is a trait one needs to possess. These adaptions will vary for each endeavour, but for health and fitness an example might be using dumbells to perform a bench press because all the racks are taken at the gym. But these two ingredients are keys to success in any thing you ever partake in remember planning is key but adaption is imperative 

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