I don't know about everyone but I like to have music playing while I am training either on an Ipod or playing through a radio. I think it helps sets the atmosphere for an intense bout of training. Every week I try to pick out a what I call my "Power Song" this will be my go to song when I have that third set of romanian deadlifts coming up and I really need to push through it. Its usually a song that spurs a deep emotional reaction causing my body to release endorphins that gives me the extra strength I need to make the progress I want.
    So before you head into the gym next time be sure to have your Ipod or Mp3 charged and your gym playlist ready to go. Or take your playlist on a cd to play on a radio I am sure everybody else in the gym would appreciate the atmosphere it sets. And also if you don't have an Ipod or Mp3 to use they are relatively inexpensive you can proably be able to buy one in the matter of 2months if you save between 20 or 30dollars out of your next few paychecks.
    But remember the number one most important thing to remember when your in the gym is to remember your purpose for being there its a gym you went there to achieve results and to go to work. Keep the intensity high and the talking to a minimum get in and get out because there are more things to life than spending co

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