The most common thing I here individuals say when they aren't in a good mood is "I am just stressed". So let me take a minute to talk about this "stress". Our bodies cannot detect the difference between stressors meaning financial burdens, a long intense workout, or emotional trauma all of these are stressors. Our bodies have a specific stress threshold. Think of it like this your body is a bathtub and the stressors represent water being poured into this tub at some point if there is to much water poured into the tub it is going to overflow this is something we want to avoid at all possible. So wraping up with the point I am trying to make if you are experiencing a lot of stress in your life from work, your marriage, children, or whatever it may be try taking some time away from the gym so you can drain some of that water (stress) out of your tub (meaning taking time to relax to allow your body to recover) because all another workout is going to do is at more stress to your body. This a suggestion I have given to people from observing individuals and self experience. But I have also found some time the gym is the best place to release that stress. Either way the key is to listen to your body and try to do what will improve your overall health both physiological and psychological.

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