"Glue" Exercises Gone Wrong by Tony Gentilcore

Please, Please, Please read this article. I have my glue exercises and if you ask me I can name them off the top of my head without a second thought. But the reason I want everyone to read this is often I have been criticized because I use a lot of the same exercises or movement variations over and over again in a program. I know that everyone out their believes they need to be doing thrusters on the bosu ball, but really you don't. The best exercises are the ones that offer the biggest bang for your buck. These exercises are also predominantly the most simple and yet yield the greatest results. Please I urge you read this article and pay extra close attention to the final paragraph as it sums up the point I try to get across to people on a daily basis.

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 14

Eric Cressey has been posting a lot of installments in this series that offers fantastic tips on how to move and feel better. These tips are great for the general population because they are simple to implement and cost effective. If you are searching for some great advice checkout this latest installment and the past other 13 posts. You won't be sorry I swear. You will find at least three tips you will use on a daily basis.

The Most Powerful Training Tool by Zach Even-Esh

I love this article by Mr. Even-Esh. It is posted on the new Arnold site so if you haven't yet stick around on the site and read a few of the articles there is a massive amount of great info there. This article does an excellent job discussing how to make your training more consistent and productive. It comes across as simple and common sense solutions but when you really think about what Mr. Even-Esh is saying it is truly profound. Especially considering the dog and pony show of a fitness industry we exist in.
Silvia Anger
8/16/2012 01:21:20 pm

I liked the first and the second article. The "installment 14" I didn't really understand since we've never used those rolly things. I see where you read about the 1% improvement. :-)
Quality Counts!
Thanks Stevan, I'm learning a lot thanks to you.


8/17/2012 02:12:57 am

Awesome I am glad to hear my constant babbling is helping someone. We will introduce foam rolling probably late next week. Its very simple and can be done anytime of the day but its good to do pre and post workout. I will talk with you about it more. Keep learning.


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