Today was a great day training wise I accomplished one of my biggest personal goals I have ever set for myself, to get forty pull-ups in one training session. Today I did it went for 8reps over 5sets nailed every single rep was a crisp as the morning air felt so amazing.

AMMP (activation, mobilizations, movement prep)
-Foam Roller Series x 8 rolls apiece
-Plank x (left leg off ground x 20sec) (right leg off ground x 20sec)
-Side Plank x (left leg abducted x 10sec) (right leg abducted x 10sec)
-Yoga Plank x 10reps
-Supine Bridge w/Reach x 8reps
-Wall Hip Abduction x 20s/leg
-Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization x 8reps/leg
-Clamshell x 12reps
-RDL Movement x 10reps
-Shin Grabs/Frwd Lunge/Elbow to Instep/Hip Lift/Ovrhd Reach x 15yds
-Walking Quad/Reverse Lunge/Twist x 15yds
-Miniband Wall Slides x 10reps
-Band Pull Apart x 10reps
A1-Conventional Deadlift (speed pulls) 6sets x 2reps (285/2) (285/2) (285/2) (285/2) (285/2) (285/2)
A2-Dead Bug x 20reps
-Pull-Ups 5sets x 8reps (BW/8) (BW/8) (BW/8) (BW/8) (BW/8)
-DB Ovrhd Press 4sets x 6reps (55/6) (55/6) (55/6) (55/5)
MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training)
A1-Deadstop One-Arm DB Row x 8reps/arm (70/8) (70/8) (70/8) (70/8)
A2-DB Bench Press x 8reps (100/6) (100/6) (100/6) (100/6)
A3-Goblet Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 6reps/leg (40/6) (40/6) (40/6) (40/6)
-Concentric Box Jumps x 8reps x 3sets
-Foam Roller
-Active Isolated Stretching
8/8/2012 22:39:15

AWESOME!!!! Could this be why I saw a ton of veins in your forearms tonight?? :)


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